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(20 minutes west of Ocho Rios)


The Canyon is made up of two steep vertical walls that eventually become less than 20ft apart. The top of the walls are at 35ft and drop down to over 130ft. Watch for schooling Bermuda Chubb. Best for divers doing Deep Diver Speciality and Enriched Air Nitrox (90ft for 40min on 36% o2).


As the story goes, these were originally two airplanes used to transport marijuana in the 1970's. They sit in a sand bed at 75ft next to a wall that drops to over 150ft. Look out for turtles and baracuda. Preferred site for Advanced Wreck dive.

Groupers Drop

This dives begins at 70ft along a wall that drops to over 120ft. Look for lots of creole wrasse and baracuda. Best for Drift dive as a quick current can usually be found along this portion of the wall.


A shallow 30ft dive just in front of Hedonism 3. An excellent site for divers preferring to stay shallow and as a second dive. Lot of marine life, with hard and soft corals. Great site for doing Night, Video and Photography Specialities.

Pockets Reef

A must see wall dive beginning at 80ft and dropping to over 150ft. This dive is sometimes done in conjunction with the Reggae Queen shipwreck. Schools of Creole Wrasse and Rainbow Runners are always present. Large trees of deep water Gorgonia and black coral are in abundance on the wall.

Reggae Queen

The Reggae Queen lies between two coral beds and provides a home to various marine life. Look for spotted drum, moray and barracuda and turtles too.

Spanish Anchor

Spanish Anchor at Jamaica Scuba DiversAn ancient anchor rests at 50ft on top of a beautiful wall. The anchor chain still hangs over the wall and goes down past 150ft. This site has lots of sponges.